SMUG-IT Archive

What is it? (327,009 messages available from 02/28/2001 to 03/23/2020)

The SMUG archive is simply a repository for all of the SMUG messages that we have kept over the past several years. SMUG has always been and remains to be an amazing tool for Symitar developers.

So Why Create an Archive?

SMUG is simply an e-mail list serv. E-mails are sent out to all the subscribers once. (at least they are only supposed to go out once:) ) This means that each new subscriber with a question must send it out to the entire list which results in many questions being repeated over the years. It is our hope that our archive of the e-mails will be used prior to sending out messages so that the number of emails coming out on the list do not become unmanageable.

Why must I Subscribe?

There have obviously been a number of quite detailed postings on the SMUG list over the past several years. It is our goal that competitors of Symitar will not have access to this possibly proprietary information. We also would like to create a list that contains e-mail addresses and possibly contact information for subscribers and do not want to create a site for vendors to come and gather this information. Therefore this archive will only be available to Symitar Users.

I Sent a Message Last Week and it is Not on the Archive.

The archive will be updated on a monthly (or less) basis. The archive is NOT designed to be a replacement for SMUG-IT and we don't want to pull any users away from SMUG. If this archive was updated on a regular basis then people might be apt to removing themselves from SMUG and only using the archive. This would obviously kill the two-way communication that is required for a list serv to survive. For this reason the archive will always be kept slightly out of date.